Lani Kehler
Foot Reflexology

Lani Kehler received her certificate in 2013 with completion of her foot reflexology course.
Lani worked in Vancouver the last five years before moving to Vancouver island and settling in beautiful Port Alberni, and joining the Alberni Natural health group in 2018.

Reflexology is a four thousand year old healing art that started in Egypt. It helps stimulate your central nervous system to trigger a healing response throughout the body and is very relaxing. We heal while we sleep.

It is helpful in healing a plethora of health conditions such as back pain, headaches, anxiety, stress, diabetes, fibromyalgia, hormone balancing, restless sleep, bunions, arthritis of all kinds and digestion issues as well as many more, not to mention it feels great too! Reflexology is not the cure it’s PAIN RELIEF.

Your whole body is represented in your foot, so your foot tells a story, and Lani is ready to help you on your journey to health.